Latest Reads: Every Vow You Break Peter Swanson.

After a whirlwind, fairytale romance, Abigail Baskin marries freshly-minted Silicon Valley millionaire Bruce Lamb.

For their honeymoon, he whisks her away to an exclusive retreat at a friend’s resort off the Maine coast on Heart Pond Island. But once there, Abigail’s perfect new life threatens to crash down around her as she recognises one of their fellow guests…

I read Every Vow You Break in one sitting- such is the addictive nature of it, a twisty thriller that gives nothing away, keeping you turning the pages until you can find out what happens..

Abigail is recently married and on her honeymoon, but a mistake she made prior to her happily ever after is about to come back and haunt her..

I really loved this. That edge of unpredictability that Peter Swanson always brings to his devilishly plotted novels is here in abundance, everything that happens has a creepy undertone to it so you are never sure what may be completely innocuous and what may be important. The island setting with its claustrophobic lack of contact with the outside world adds atmosphere to the narrative that is classically clever. You keep wanting to tell Abigail to run, but you are not sure what from.

The ending was hugely satisfying and overall this was an excellent read, short and punchy, confirming this author as one of the best plotters and executioners out there.


You can purchase Every Vow You Break (Faber) Here.

Happy reading!

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