Latest Reads: The Castaways Lucy Clarke.

It should be like any other holiday.

Beautiful beaches.
Golden sunsets.
Nothing for miles.

You’ll never want to leave.
Until you can’t…

Another brilliantly immersive novel from Lucy Clarke, a tense and emotional psychological thriller featuring a missing plane, a deserted island and an emotive compelling sibling relationship at the heart of it.

Told in both past and present we have one sister, Erin, endlessly searching for answers after a flight carrying her sibling disappears from radar. A long time after all are declared lost the pilot suddenly appears, very much alive…

This is so intriguing and beautifully written that you devour it pretty much in one sitting. The reader here understands more than the characters do but it is wonderfully unpredictable and I really wasn’t sure where it was going. A cleverly thought provoking ending puts the icing on the cake and the relationship between the two sisters is complex and fascinating.

Overall a terrific read. Recommended.

You can purchase The Castaways (Harper Collins) Here.

Happy reading!

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