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Meet Gethin Grey, crusading hero with problems of his own. His Last Resort Legals team investigates miscarriages of justice in and around Cardiff; on the side he gambles and struggles with a creaking marriage.
Izma M. was sent down for the brutal murder of Hannah Gold. In jail, he penned an acclaimed autobiography and attracted supporters convinced of his innocence; the charismatic Amelia Laverne among them.
Gethin is less convinced but he needs the money so when Amelia offers to fund an investigation to prove Izma’s innocence, he takes on the case.
The stakes prove chillingly higher than Gethin ever imagined and Amelia shows herself to be a force of
nature, both mesmerising and destructive.

Really enjoyed this twisty crime novel from John Lincoln, with a Making A Murderer vibe as our main character Gethin  investigates a possible miscarriage of justice. 

It is a clever plot with everyone having a different motivation for looking into this case – exploring themes of criminal celebrity, family and the vagaries of the justice system, there’s some great immersive writing here. A great character group dynamic and the external influences on them make for some intriguing reading, keeping you turning those pages. 

Fade To Grey has the benefit of being both a compelling legal tale and a strong thriller   which  all leads to an edge of the seat conclusion.

Yes. Very good. I like it. I hope Gethin at al return.


You can purchase Fade To Grey (No Exit Press) here.

Happy Reading! 

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