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They say I’m a murderer.

Six years ago, Kate Reynolds was found holding the body of her best friend; covered in blood, and clutching the knife that killed her.

I plead guilty. 

Kate has been in prison ever since, but now her sentence is up. She is being released.

But the truth is, I didn’t do it. 

There’s only one person who can help: Private Investigator Madison Attalee, the first officer on the scene all those years ago.

But there’s someone out there who doesn’t want Kate digging up the past. Someone who is willing to keep the truth buried at any cost.

I Witness was an absolutely gripping psychological thriller with some great characters and that brilliant page turning addictive quality that I love to find in a book.

Kate Reynolds, convicted of brutally stabbing and killing her best friend has served her time. She believes she may be innocent, so hires Madison to see if the absolute truth can be found. But her family and others hide dark dark secrets and sometimes perhaps it’s best to leave well enough alone..

We get several viewpoints and lots of nuanced twists and turns in this one – several emotive themes run throughout and it is cleverly plotted to maximum effect. Kate is a divisive character but far from being the most divisive – we have her sister Martha, her distanced Father and her volatile brother to contend with also. Madison is not without her issues but I found it refreshing that these were realistic and had a path to resolution as well as the mystery did.

Overall a really good story, nicely twisted, beautifully written. I’m pleased to see that we will be meeting Madison again.


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