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Publication Date: May 1st from Head of Zeus

Source: Netgalley

What would you do for the perfect life? Would you lie? Would you steal? Would you kill?…

Cecilia Wilborg has the perfect life. A handsome husband, two beautiful daughters and a large house in the picture-postcard town of Sandefjord.

But then Tobias enters her life. He is a small, friendless eight-year-old. And he threatens to bring Cecilia’s world crashing down.

This was a really fast read for me, really compelling and beautifully written

Cecilia takes in an abandoned child, against her better judgment and her wishes, she kind of gets roped into it. This child seemingly has no family and even the authorities are struggling to place him. So into her family he comes – but this will change everything for her.

The thing I loved about this one was the character voice when Cecilia was telling the tale – she is divisive yet fascinating – her attitude towards her husband and girls is strangely obtuse, but she also see’s life through a lens that is very realistic. She is, as characters in these novels usually are, hiding secrets, which as the story twists and turns really put you inside her head. We also get portions of the story from the boy’s point of view, some of these are more than a little heartbreaking. The plotting is clever, I was never quite sure where we were going to end up and the whole thing had a very emotive feel that appealed to me.

The Boy At The Door was an excellent example of a psychological thriller – great characters and a beautiful mystery element, you’ll get pulled along with this one and won’t want to put it down until you find the resolution – which, when it comes, is perfectly placed and somewhat thought provoking.

If you love this kind of thing (and I do) I would definitely recommend it. A really great read.


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