Latest Reads: Next Of Kin L.F. Robertson.

When Greg Ferrante is found shot to death at the side of his swimming pool, suspicion turns immediately on his once-glamorous wife, Sunny, now worn down by years of living under his thumb. Sure, there’s no way she could have pulled the trigger, but soon she is arrested anyway, accused of hiring her daughter’s boyfriend to commit the crime. In a whirlwind trial, Sunny is convicted and sentenced to death.

And then, for a decade, she waits on death row, until Janet Moodie, appeals attorney, delves into the case. One thing Janet is sure of: Sunny is innocent. But her client is hiding something. Who is Sunny protecting – and is she really prepared to die to save them?

A terrific legal drama, highly authentic and quietly moving along pulling the reader along with it…

I love this series for its realities and ambiguous outcomes, a real insight into the world of law with its often stagnant practicalities.

Janet Moodie is an engaging, very human protagonist to take this journey with, in this case hoping to free a woman she believes innocent from death row. The drama unfolds over a rolling time frame, this is a tale that puts you right at the heart of the legal system with all its vagaries and as such is very thought provoking.

Around that Janet simply lives her life, with all its ups and downs. It is a considered page turner that has a genuinely compelling and very true sense to it. I devoured it in short order and would recommend the whole series.

You can purchase Next Of Kin (Titan) Here.

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