Now You See Me Chris McGeorge blog tour review.


My name is Matthew McConnell. You’ve probably heard my story.
I took five of my friends on a boat through the longest canal tunnel in England.


It takes two hours and twenty-six minutes to travel through that tunnel.
Six of us entered that tunnel but I was the only one to come out.


It was pitch black in there – I don’t know what happened to them. But I’m the only suspect. 
And if I don’t find out how they disappeared, I’ll be sentenced to murder.

Another twisty mystery from Chris McGeorge who’s debut was one of my favourite books of last year. 

Now You See Me has the benefit of some beautifully intelligent plotting, executed brilliantly with a huge dose of creepiness and a tendency to cause claustrophobia.

The characters are highly engaging, this author is fast becoming a true genius of the locked room mystery. Well in this case creepy canal mystery but still highly unpredictable with that “ohhhh THAT’S what happened” outcome where it all makes sense but you’d never have guessed it.

I loved it. Agatha Christie given a run for her money. 


You can purchase Now You See Me (Orion) Here.

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