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When an unidentified and blood-soaked man is discovered with the name Baal-Berith scored into his flesh, Professor Matt Hunter is called in by the bewildered local police. As an atheist ex-minister and expert on religion, Matt can shed light on the ancient Canaanite demon known as the spirit of blasphemy and murder, but as he’s drawn into a frenzied murder investigation, a fury of media interest and a TV show documenting a mass exorcism, the situation follows a much murkier path. Striving to provide balance to the show’s increasingly sensational tone and rational support for the vulnerable ‘clients’, Matt cannot leave, even as events get seriously out of hand…

Oh my gosh another heart pounding novel here from Peter Laws featuring Matt Hunter, ex minister now supernatural debunker, whose “stage presence” in these stories is second to none. Both funny and fascinating he gets called in whenever things get, erm, a tiny bit weird.

Well things are most definitely weird in this instalment, as it seems demonic possession is on the rise- with a brutal murder in the mix, plus a claim that the demon did it, with his usual eye roll and tendency towards the more logical way of thinking, Matt digs in. But of course it’s never entirely simple…his own very personal and very real demons add a certain amount of uncertainty..

I love how these play out – each one offers a different thought provoking theme, both spiritual and literal, with an insightful eye on the world we live in. In a traditional sense, the detective lurking inside Matt Hunter inevitably gets to the truth of the matter – yet there are always just those one or two things that will keep you up at night…those “What ifs” that haunt us all.

Possession is deeply dark and oft disturbing, the descriptive sense the author brings to it really does make you shiver. At the same time it is hugely compelling- as the finale unfolded over several heart stopping chapters, without realising it I was locking my jaw so OUCH when it was finally over. I just love a book that can do that

Overall truly excellent once more. If you’ve not started these yet then do. But make sure you’ve got REALLY BRIGHT lights around you at all times…because that shadow in the corner? Perhaps it’s not just a shadow…..

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase Possessed (Allison & Busby) Here.

Happy Reading!

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