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Captivating from the very first page’ Jennifer Egan. Discovered amidst a tangle of sea grape trees by the childless Rachel Fisher, baby Moshe’s provenance is a thing of myth and mystery; his unusual appearance, with blueish, translucent skin and duo-toned hair, only serves to compound his mystique. Equally feared and ridiculed by peers as he grows up, he finds a surprising kindred soul in the striking and bold Arrienne Christie, but their complex relationship is fraught with obstacles that tear them apart as powerfully as they are drawn together. Beginning in the late 1950s, four years before Jamaica’s independence from colonial rule, A Tall History of Sugar’s epic love story sweeps between a rural Jamaica, scarred by the legacies of colonialism, and an England increasingly riven by race riots and class division.

A Tall History Of Sugar was an emotive and engaging read – the prose lyrical and involving and a very different read for me, one I embraced entirely.

This is a love story and an historic coming of age tale, with some beautifully descriptive settings and a sprawling, imaginative feel throughout. Telling the story of Moshe, a boy without place, brought up by adoptive parents who find him as a baby, A Tall History Of Sugar takes you over years of personal discovery.

A talented writer, an addictive and intelligently woven tale, that has a lot to say and says it with flair and authentic quality.

Highly Recommended.

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