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At sixty-four, Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdottir of the Reykjavik Police is about to take on her last case before she retires: A young woman, an asylum seeker from Russia, found murdered on the seaweed covered rocks of the Vatnsleysuströnd in Iceland.

When Hulda starts to ask questions it isn’t long before she realizes that no one can be trusted, and that no one is telling the whole truth. Spanning Reykjavik, the Icelandic highlands and the cold, isolated fjords, The Darkness is a thrilling new crime thriller from one of the biggest new names in Scandi noir.

Really really enjoyed this first book in a new series from Ragnar Jonasson, a tense mystery, the trademark chilly Iceland setting and a different way of doing things as the next two books will cover events from years earlier. So in a way The Darkness is an ending. A very good one!

Hulda was an intriguing character, I’m looking forward to reading about her younger years, I believe the cases we’ll see in the future books may have been teased here – but The Darkness is complete in and of itself. Yep. Very good.

This author’s sense of place is stunning, you do genuinely feel chilly while you are reading it (and not just because of the British weather’s current tendency to hide the sunshine either) and The Darkness has a lot of layers in there. Hulda and her past, the case she is determined to solve, her relationships and outlook, all setting us up for a journey into her past to see what leads her to the final conclusion of The Darkness..

It’s a clever way of telling a story and the mystery elements are beautifully plotted, with unexpected twists and turns and an emotionally raw finale. I loved it all the way and can’t wait to read the other novels.

Highly Recommended.

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