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Coming January 2019.

Everyone’s invited. Everyone’s a suspect.

Nine friends ring in the New Year in the remote Scottish Highlands.

As the curtain falls on another year, the celebrations begin.

The next 48 hours see the friends catching up, reminiscing over past stories, scratching old wounds. . . And guarding friendship-destroying secrets.

The clock has barely struck 12 when a broken body is found in the snow.

Not an accident – a murder among friends.

When a thick blizzard descends, the group are trapped.

No-one can get in. And no-one can get out.

Not even the killer.

I loved this.

Properly atmospheric, the chilly, claustrophobic yet open setting cleverly sets the scene for a wonderfully old school murder mystery, with a stellar cast of characters for the reader to get their teeth into and either love or loathe.

Descriptively this is beautifully written the aforementioned setting coming to vivid and gorgeous life, enter into this wild landscape a group of friends whose history and random hidden jealousies rise to the surface, ultimately leading to murder…

Definite hints of Christie, but with a rhyme and rythym all of its own, The Hunting Party is a dream of a read, absorbing, intelligent and full of the vagaries of human nature. Twisty as you like, unexpectedly sometimes, Lucy Foley manages the group dynamic with aplomb, keeping you immersed and involved all the way.

A proper bit of storytelling, eliciting differing emotional reactions and having the benefit of being eminently unpredictable, The Hunting Party is definitely one to watch in 2019.

Highly recommended.


You can order The Hunting Party (Harper Collins) Here.


Happy Reading!


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