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Written by former criminal defence lawyer Dylan Rhys Jones, this is the true story of his experience of defending Rhyl serial killer Peter Moore, known as ‘The Man in Black’, who was found guilty in 1996 of murdering four men in North Wales and seriously assaulting over 30 more over a 20-year period. 

As his brief, the author spent hours discussing with Moore his motivation for murder, his compulsion for the violent sexual assaults, his background, his plans for further murders, his involvement with a circle of friends in North Wales and Merseyside who had similar, strange sexual proclivities, and the overwhelming urge he felt to kill. An in-depth first-hand account of full and frank dealings with a particularly vicious individual who apparently gained pleasure from violence, and an insight into the professional and personal pressures suffered during the year-long process leading up to such a high-profile trial.

The Man In Black would be an excellent addition to any true crime fan’s bookshelf- an utterly compelling story from the point of view of the man who defended Peter Moore – Moore often referred to as Wales’ worse serial killer.

Those who ask “how can anyone defend such a man ” should read this. Dylan Rhys Jones having a dedication to his job and the belief that everyone deserves fairness in the justice system shines through here – even as the affect on his mental health is negative.

There are many layers here, not least the character of Moore himself, a seemingly peaceful, self contained man who, as things progress becomes quietly chilling and ultimately difficult to understand. There is a huge amount of insight into a criminal investigation and the relationship, in this case mutually respectful, between defence and police.

Overall a fascinating read that is as compelling as any fictional character drama and as much of a page turner as any mystery. The mystery here is in human nature with all its variables, it was intriguing from first page to last.


You can purchase The Man In Black (Ylolfa) Here

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