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Publication Date: Available Now from Unbound 

Source: Netgalley


There’s a delightful bit of sleight-of-hand at the heart of the novel that I particularly enjoyed.’ – Owen King, co-author of Sleeping Beauties

It begins with a ghost story around a campfire. Teenagers out on a walking trip, trying to act brave in front of each other.

But as the walk gets underway and the boys begin to fall out, odd things start to happen.

Noises in the night. A severed rabbit’s foot outside someone’s tent.

Soon, the boys begin to disappear.

As panic sets in and a storm approaches, the remaining boys must band together to face a darkness not even the local ghost stories could help them predict.

My Review: 

The Moor is a fast and creepy read set mostly on a weather beaten Moor where mysterious disappearances abound, a bit like a British Bermuda triangle. We follow a group of boys on a camping trip that goes horribly awry, then years later one of the surviving members returns to finally lay his ghosts to rest.

The writing is tense and atmospheric, Sam Haysom does a brilliant job of bringing the moor to vivid haunting life. The tale is dark and scary, the characters matching the setting leaving the reader with an off kilter feeling of menace.

This is a grim mythological piece of storytelling that will pull you into it’s dark heart. The kind that plays on your mind in the early hours. Sleep with the lights on!


You can order The Moor here.

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