Latest Reads: The Other Wife Michael Robotham.

Publication Date: 26th June from Sphere.

Source: Netgalley.

A secret wife. A secret life. A killer who knows.

Fresh from the highest selling book of his career, The Secrets She Keeps, multi-million-copy bestselling author Michael Robotham returns to his beloved Joe O’Loughlin series in this compelling psychological thriller that delves into the consequences of a tragedy, exposing a lifetime of shocking cover-up that is too close to home for the famous psychologist.

My Review:  

I’m a huge huge fan of this series and the engaging beautifully drawn character of Joe O’Loughlin so I was very much looking forward to entering his world once again.

This story hits very close to home when Joe discovers dark secrets lurk at the heart of his own family. Add murder into the mix and you have a tense, addictive psychological thriller that explores the deeper truths hiding behind every family facade.

Michael Robotham twists a plot so beautifully, The Other Wife is immediately engaging and highly addictive. I think it will work best if you know Joe and something of what he goes through in previous books but this can easily be read as a standalone also.

I love the unpredictable nature of this authors storytelling, each time both in his series fiction and his standalone novels he brings something new to the table.

Great writing, great characters, The Other Wife, like the books that came before it, is a wonderfully immersive read and a right old page turner.

Highly recommended.

You can purchase The Other Wife here.

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