Latest Reads: When Darkness Calls Mark Griffin.

Holly Wakefield works for the NHS as a criminal psychologist specialising in serial killers. She has particular reason to be good at her job – but she keeps that to herself.

When DI Bishop from the Met Police approaches Holly to investigate a recent killing, Holly is horrified by the dismembered bodies and the way they have been theatrically positioned. More shocking still is when the pathologist reveals this is not the first time she has seen these mutilations. It means a serial killer is out there, and they’re going to kill again – soon.

Holly is used to chasing serial killers. But this killer has something in common with Holly that she’s kept hidden for as long as she can remember. And for the first time since she was a child, Holly is forced to face the darkness of her past…

Just when I thought I’d never find another decent serial killer thriller along came Mark Griffin with When Darkness Calls which also has a profiler as the main protagonist so you can call me one happy reader.

When Darkness Calls is perfectly paced, dark as you like and gripping throughout, Holly Wakefield has an intriguing back story – it had the added advantage for me of being unpredictable enough that I only worked out who the culprit was about four pages before Holly.

Great characters, the growing relationship between Holly and Bishop is compelling and the mystery element is well plotted and fascinating, whilst being often horrific and not a little creepy.

Overall thoroughly enjoyed this – count me in for Holly’s next case. Something wicked this way comes…


You can purchase When Darkness Calls (Piatkus) Here.

Happy Reading!

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