Latest Reads: Who We Were B M Carroll.


Katy is not the shy schoolgirl she once was, and she’s looking forward to showing her classmates who she’s become. Annabel was the queen bee, but her fall from grace changed her life forever. Zach was cruel, but he thinks he’s changed. Robbie was a target. And he never stood a chance.

Their reunion will bring together friends and enemies, many for the first time in decades. But someone is still holding a grudge, and will stop at nothing to reveal their darkest secrets…

Who We Were is a highly addictive novel, part character drama part psychological thriller with some really engaging characters, a beautifully tense group dynamic that keeps you turning the pages.

I’ve always avoided my school reunions to be honest, fairly sure there’s a few people who at the very least would glance at me sideways, this book is basically that- the way we were versus the way we are. Do people really change and let’s just say there’s at least one person holding a severe grudge…

I loved this because it explored all the nuances of growing up and the benefit of hindsight, threw some real life difficult experience into the mix and did so through genuinely authentic and memorable characters. You’ll find yourself in here somewhere – the popular kid or the quiet kid, the comic or the clever one and you’ll rock along with them hoping all will be ok.

Well it probably won’t be ok because there’s at least one person out there with malice in mind.

Excellent. Very much recommended. Another to watch in 2020.

You can purchase Who We Were (Viper) Here.

Happy Reading!

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