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A young student is kidnapped on her way home from the pub, but her nightmare is just beginning…DI Damen Brook is assigned the case but starts to realise that this might not be an isolated incident. With very little to go on, Brook trawls through the murky world of cheap labour and prostitution but comes up against a brick wall. But then bodies start turning up and the case is blown wide open. Who is kidnapping these girls and why? Brook has to put the pieces together before the next victim is taken…

So a 5th outing for DI Damen Brook then, one of my favourite literary detectives and this one packed a hell of a punch – straight into the action, no time to breathe and off we went.

This instalment centres around a whole bunch of missing girls who nobody realises are actually genuinely missing. Until Damen Brook, avoiding another rather boring assignment, sits up and takes notice. At the same time the reader is given a snapshot of one of the missing girls – Caitlin – what is happening to her is horrific, violent and will have you begging Brook to save her. But there is a lot more going on here and he will have his work cut out for him as he unravels a mystery with a heart of darkness.

The Brook novels are always really terrifically constructed to give the most emotional impact – in the case of “A Killing Moon” this is achieved through Caitlin’s character and through that of others who are caught up in this thing and you have a genuine sense of urgency as you are immersed in the tale. As time runs out for Caitlin and a whole load of other things start muddying the waters, it is addictive and totally heart stopping.

I do love Brook as a character -whilst he is in a way the quintessential “cop with issues” in his case it does not feel at all cliched. Brook embraces his flaws, is open about his previous mental health issues and with each novel takes a step further away from them – Steven Dunne has given his main protagonist an actual healing process, a journey that the reader can get behind and root for. An authentic one at that – he takes steps forward and steps back like the rest of us, there is a realism and gritty irony to that thread of the story that reflects  life very well.

Brook is not alone – the author surrounds him with many other well drawn and intriguing characters (Angie is going to end up being a member of the team right? RIGHT?) and the mystery element is, as always, pitch perfect and often surprising. I’m willing to bet that a fair few readers are going to let out an actual cheer at the end of this one – it was a fantastic ending to what had been a scintillating read.

Really really excellent crime fiction. Roll on book 6.

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