Liz Currently Loves…….Business as Usual by E L Lindley



I dived into this book a couple of days ago not sure quite what to expect – I’ve had it sat on my kindle for a while because I thought it looked interesting but it wasnt one of those books I would immediately go for. I’m glad I did  however – I had the greatest fun reading it. Georgie Connolly is a terrific character – feisty, fun and flawed, she is a girl after my own heart. One that does things on fearless impulse, often finding herself in hot water because of it, but hey she just gets back up and does it all over again! A documentary film maker, this story finds her investigating the seedier side of “gentlemans clubs” and getting embroiled in the dark world of sex trafficking and murder.

I enjoyed this book for several reasons. The story flowed, didnt stutter. Georgie sits firmly at the centre of it but those around her all contribute to the reader’s knowledge of her character and their own. Its a dark tale in places to be sure, but that all adds to the ambience. The mystery element is well imagined and all the supporting cast of characters add their own import to the tale. James was great – and I look forward to seeing how his relationship with Georgie develops over future novels. And how did I know this was really good? I spent quite a bit of time shouting at Georgie about what she was doing. Because quite often I was sat there, head in my hands going “NO she DIDNT do that did she?” People say that about me in real life you know…

So to sum up. Fun to read, easy to read but involving and yes. I will definitely be reading more.

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  1. E. L. Lindley says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Liz. I am so pleased that you enjoyed both the book and Georgie’s antics 🙂

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