Liz Currently Loves……The Killing Game by Jack Kerley


The latest Carson Ryder novel from Jack Kerley was one I had been looking forward to and wow, what a great addition to this series (Start with “The Hundredth Man if you are only just starting). In this instalment, Carson ends up embroiled with a killer who apparently kills randomly and without motive. Every investigators nightmare according to Carson…but is there really no motive?

These books are always brilliant but I have to say that this one is definitely a favourite. I won’t say over much because if you have not read Carson’s story so far I really wouldnt want to spoil it. For those of you who HAVE I will say – the usual suspects are back including the randomly brilliant Jeremy and the always entertaining Harry. The story as always is involving, exciting and will get the old brain cells working overtime. This is a cat and mouse game – and its not clear whether Carson will end up victorious and don’t you just LOVE books like that?  The ending was stunning. I never saw it coming and yet it made perfect sense. I’m fairly sure that there are not many readers out there who WILL see it coming – Mr Kerley you are very clever and I see to my absolute delight that Carson will be back in December. Wow what a Christmas present that will be! And to finish this review I offer a very special thanks to Hannah and Kate. They know what for!

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