Liz Currently Loves…..Chain of Events by Fredrik T Olsson


Publication Date: 21st August from Little Brown UK/Sphere.

Source: Publisher Review copy – Thank you.

Nothing would make me keep a diary.Except for one thing.The realisation that soon there won’t be anyone around to read it.William Sandberg. A broken genius, snatched from his home.Christina Sandberg, his ex-wife. She does not believe their lies.Our future hangs on their survival. If they fail, we are all lost.

Well what to say about this one. Exhilerating. Utterly exhausting. Totally addictive. Unbelievably clever and if you want your thrillers to be, well you know, actually thrilling, you have come to the right place.

William Sandberg, kidnapped genius, working on an improbable and impossible problem  – if he succeeds humanity can be saved, if he fails we are all doomed in a Friday the 13th, no hope, cannot run cannot hide, the axe will fall kind of way. For the majority of this read I was running on pure adrenalin, despite Mr Olsson’s absolute ability to give you contemplative and emotional moments, still this tale shoots off at breakneck speed, following a “chain of events” that are highly unlikely and yet strangely and absolutely believable….a world encompassing sequence of dominos all falling one after the other, at the end of which is either salvation or calamity.

Intelligent plotting, a thriller that doesnt compromise on character development, you can see Mr Olsson’s screenwriting credentials shine through, still it is beautifully written, a novel not a screenplay but – I am praying that someone with vision will turn this into the blockbuster movie to end all blockbuster movies and not mess with it AT ALL because frankly,  anything added or taken away would destroy the flow, the wonderful atmosphere and the often ironic outlook that comes to life in this narrative.

A highly imaginative premise, this is one of those stories that will have you finishing bleary eyed at 3am, heart pounding, sweat on your brow, for me my immersion into this world was so complete that it took me a while to come back to reality – and those really are the very best kinds of books, any reader would be sure to agree. I loved it absolutely and with passion – I wish I could start all over again now with no knowledge, yet another reminder for me of why I read.

A radiant and marvellous novel and who says that genre fiction such as thrillers can’t contain classical writing or pack emotional real world punch? This one had both of those things, fiction with heart and soul – cannot recommend it highly enough. For anyone of any taste who enjoys a darn good yarn.

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