Liz Currently Loves….The Blue by Lucy Clarke


Publication Date: Available Now from Touchstone (US) and Harper Collins (UK)

Source: Netgalley (Touchstone)

They had found paradise.
What would they do to keep it?

The Blue was a beautifully addictive novel, the tale of a friendship put to the test and a tense psychological thriller with some really great characters.

Lana and Kitty have been friends since childhood – both looking to escape home for different reasons, they set off on the trip of a lifetime. When they meet the crew of “The Blue” they slip into what seems on the surface to be an idyllic and easy going lifestyle sailing from place to place. But underlying tensions and secrets threaten the very fabric of their friendship – then tragedy strikes.

The Blue is perfect summer reading, the setting is fascinating and well described and the group dynamic that Lucy Clarke develops is utterly engaging. By virtue of flashback we see how Lana and Kitty came to be, and came to be here, and start learning about events aboard The Blue that lead Lana to leave.

The story has a wonderful flow to it, you will really get caught up in the lives of this small eclectic group of people – the author walks the line between tense mystery and captivating character drama really well, blending in the background perfectly to create an outstanding read that will grip you from first page to last.

Overall then, a really great escapist read – I’ve had “A Single Breath” sat on my shelf for a while now, one of those books that fell accidentally into my basket on one particular shopping spree – and boy am I now moving that one up the pile.

Terrific Stuff. Highly Recommended.

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Happy Reading Folks!


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  1. Jennifer M says:

    You MUST also read her first book! It is called Swimming at Night in Canada and Sea Sisters elsewhere. A Single Breath is amazing too!

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