Latest Reads: Godsend J A Marley

Publication Date: Available Now from Bloodhound Books Source: Review Copy It has been eighteen months since Danny Felix pulled off the robbery of his life. His plan brought London to a standstill, but at a heavy price. Now, living a quiet life running a charter fishing business in the Florida… Continue reading

Getting to Know You with Louis Winslow: A Bundle of Colorful Yarns

Today I am happy to welcome author Louis Winslow to Liz Loves Books telling us a little about himself and his short story collection “A Bundle of Colorful Yarns”. Thanks so much to him for taking part. Tell us a little about your current novel, what readers can expect from… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Lancelot. Giles Kristian.

Publication Date: June 14th from Bantam Press Source: Review Copy Set in a 5th century post-Roman Britain besieged by invading war bands of Saxons and Franks, Irish and Picts, Giles Kristian’s epic new novel tells – through the warrior’s own words – the story of Lancelot, the most celebrated of… Continue reading

Songs By Dead Girls Lesley Kelly. Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: Available Now from Sandstone Press Source: Review Copy When Scotland’s leading virologist goes missing, Mona and Paterson from the Health Enforcement Team are dispatched to London to find him. In a hot and unwelcoming city, Mona has to deal with a boss who isn’t speaking to her, placate… Continue reading

Latest Reads: In The Blood Ruth Mancini

Publication Date: 1st August from Head of Zeus *e-book released in May* Source: Netgalley In southeast London, a young mother has been accused of an unthinkable crime: poisoning her own child – and then leaving him to die. The mother, Ellie, is secretive and challenging – she’s had a troubled… Continue reading

The House On Half Moon Street Alex Reeve Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: 3rd May from Bloomsbury (Raven) Source: Netgalley Everyone has a secret… Only some lead to murder. Leo Stanhope. Assistant to a London coroner; in love with Maria; and hiding a very big secret.  For Leo was born Charlotte, but knowing he was meant to be a man –… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Boy At The Door Alex Dahl

Publication Date: May 1st from Head of Zeus Source: Netgalley What would you do for the perfect life? Would you lie? Would you steal? Would you kill?… Cecilia Wilborg has the perfect life. A handsome husband, two beautiful daughters and a large house in the picture-postcard town of Sandefjord. But… Continue reading