Sister Of Mine Laurie Petrou blog tour review.

Two sisters. One fire. A secret that won’t burn out.

The Grayson sisters are trouble. Everyone in their small town knows it. But no-one can know of the secret that binds them together.

Hattie is the light. Penny is the darkness. Together, they have balance.

But one night the balance is toppled. A match is struck. A fire is started. A cruel husband is killed. The potential for a new life flickers in the fire’s embers, but resentment, guilt, and jealousy suffocate like smoke.

Their lives have been engulfed in flames – will they ever be able to put them out?

Sister Of Mine is an atmospheric and thoughtful portrait of two sisters, bound together by an impossible secret yet torn apart by the very same thing…

Laurie Petrou captures the small town sense very well, where seemingly everyone knows but really nobody does. Into that she sets her two protagonists, Hattie and Penny, sisters who are opposites in many ways. It is an involving story of family ties, those which bind us to place and person.

This one rests heavily on the characters, the author managing to embed many layers into Hattie and Penny, so reader sympathies ebb and flow as the story unfolds, creating a compelling under the surface tension that culminates in an emotional finale.

A good read indeed.

You can purchase Sister Of Mine (no exit) here.

Happy Reading!

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