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Branen had to leave the UK six years before to escape his complex clandestine history and the consequences of a crime that achieved worldwide notoriety. When his daughter is brutally murdered in Soho he believes that he could be the reason. He returns to his old hunting grounds to find the killer. His search brings him into conflict with the British Secret Service and Soho’s underworld.

I like it when I am asked to go on a blog tour for a novel that would otherwise have passed me by – Soho Honey is such a novel, not one that I would have picked up in the normal course of things but I’m glad I did. This is something a little bit different, different is always fun.

Admittedly it did not immediately grab me, the background at the beginning was a little slow, but not for long – once the story kicked in this was immersive, gritty and entirely twisty, with some great characters all of whom are given flesh and focus – meanwhile the setting, Soho, comes to life around them. The story is a dark one (I do love the dark) and the author eeks out the story in such a way that I found myself enjoying it more and more as it went on. One of those novels that rewards you sticking with it.

Overall Soho Honey is a nicely written gritty crime thriller with a dark heart, if you like that sort of thing you will enjoy it. For me it was slightly hit and miss, I think the pace could be better, I lost some of the nuances on occasion but it has made me interested to see what this author comes up with next. Theres something there I think…

Recommended on a “Give it a Go” basis.

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