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Following a tragic car accident, Michael Sewell is alone for the first time. The loss of his wife, Margaret, after thirty years of marriage has left a hole far greater than Michael could have imagined.
Persuaded to go on holiday by his daughter Jane, he’s at the pool when a page blown from a book sticks to his chest. The words from the page resonate with Michael, describing in detail the exact events leading up to the accident. Now, Michael must delve into his past and face his future, taking him and his family on a horrifying and tragic journey toward the truth…

I loved “The Radio” so was looking forward to this one – it was a really excellent read, quite the page turner (yes I know!) and beautifully done.

It is a fun book to read as you try to work out just what is going to happen, peppered with clues and with some truly fascinating characters you will love to hate to love. As Michael takes us on a journey through his life and tries to track down the rest of this book that happens to be scarily accurate, it is a beautifully drawn mystery thriller that will engage you all the way.

This is part of a trilogy, The Radio being the first part this being the second, and the way it ends will have you on the edge of your seat for the finale – where presumably all will be revealed including all the connections – I say presumably because the joy of these is it is never exactly clear where everything is going. Trying to work it out will give you a major book hangover but it is delicious stuff none the less.

Michael is horrible (I thought so anyway) so it is quite an accomplishment to make the reader still care what happens and want to know, but want to know you will and Mr Lee has a lovely way with words that embeds you into the tale immediately and will have you devouring every chapter.

Overall then a really terrific read, an author to watch. Hopefully not long until the next one – intelligent plotting and careful character driving makes it a must have.

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