The Dream Wife Louise De Lange Blog Tour Review.

Annie is the dream wife. Supportive, respectful, mild-mannered – everything her husband wants her to be. But underneath, she is so much more.

Annie is a prisoner in her own life. Her finances, her routine and her contact with the outside world are all controlled by him. Only her love for her little boy keeps her sane, and at night she escapes into a dream world where she is free.

But Annie is about to do a very bad thing.

And you won’t believe how she is going to do it . . .

The Dream Wife was a fast, pacy, intriguing read that moves in unexpected directions and is highly addictive.

Annie lives under the rule of her Husband, an age old story – but Louise De Lange has taken that premise and breathed new life into it with her rather quirky, actually quite creepy and genuinely absorbing narrative where Annie takes control of her life in unimaginable ways.

If you are expecting a straightforward psychological thriller then you won’t get that – but you will get some relevant and emotive themes explored in a very different way. The unexpectedness comes through the genesis of the characters, through the very well worn story of a woman supressed by a man, but done with a flair for dramatic consequence and examining the theme of power in a thought provoking way.

I was really taken with it – especially the cleverly placed ending that makes you rethink a lot of what you have read – and the realistically flawed central character, Annie, who treads the path of resistance and revenge in a divisive yet really compelling way.

It’s nice to see some boundaries being pushed – whilst The Dream Wife won’t be for everyone, for me it was a highly entertaining read that also gives pause for thought.


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