The Night She Died Jenny Blackhurst Blog tour review.

On her own wedding night, beautiful and complicated Evie White leaps off a cliff to her death.

What drove her to commit this terrible act? It’s left to her best friend and her husband to unravel the sinister mystery.

Following a twisted trail of clues leading to Evie’s darkest secrets, they begin to realize they never knew the real Evie at all.

The Night She Died is a tense and beautifully done psychological drama, twisty as you like and with a dark dark heart.

With Evie having jumped off a cliff, quite literally and on her wedding day no less, those she leaves behind struggle to understand what could have motivated such an act. Through Evie’s past and best friend Rebecca’s present, Jenny Blackhurst weaves a cleverly woven web of relationships and personalities to bring us to a thought provokingly memorable resolution.

It’s highly addictive with some engaging and divisive characters, an intelligent and compelling plot and plenty of unexpected moments. I really thoroughly enjoyed it.


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