Unrest Jesper Stein blog tour review

When the bound, hooded corpse of an unidentified man is found propped up against a gravestone in the central cemetery, Axel Steen is assigned the case. 

Rogue camera footage soon suggests police involvement and links to the demolition of the nearby Youth House, teeming with militant far-left radicals. But Axel soon discovers that many people, both inside and out of the force, have an unusual interest in the case and in preventing its resolution. 

With a rapidly worsening heart condition, an estranged ex-wife and beloved five-year-old daughter to contend with, Axel will not stop until the killer is caught, whatever the consequences. But the consequences turn out to be greater than expected – especially for Axel himself.

Unrest is a slow burn of a thriller with some cracking characters and an excellent mix of mystery and action.

Jesper Stein explores various socially relevant themes within his narrative, including the hot button topic of immigration and whilst this is a fairly typical thriller of it’s  kind, corruption at the heart of it, the author gives it a fresh and fascinating feel.

Overall Unrest is perfect for fans of Nordic noir, it is a considered page turner and very well written




You can order Unrest Here.

Happy Reading!

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