An important week for me in books….

Look this is me currently whilst updating my notes in preparation for my Top Ten of 2015 post traditionally (now) posted on my Birthday 1st December.




The reason for the wild look would be two books, both of which are funnily enough released this week, which at the moment (still about 5 -6 weeks reading before I cut off for the year and start adding into next years mix) I simply cannot draw a line under or pick between. Maybe for the first year I’ll have to have a joint number one.

Two very different books that I’m fanatical about for very different reasons. Two very different novelists.


In the case of Louise O’Neill her debut “Only Ever Yours” took my No 1 spot last year  – and boy if she didn’t then go and write another important, visceral, no holds barred book in Asking For It (Quercus)  which had me on the floor and is again possibly one of the most important modern cautionary tales of our time. More on that on Thursday where I shall dig deeper and tell you what it meant to me.

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Then there is Rod Reynolds, with his debut,  The Dark Inside (Faber)  A pure and intense type of storytelling that personally I haven’t seen for a while from a new author – anyone who follows me on Twitter will probably already have had enough of me banging on about this one, possibly even the author himself who puts up with my random fangirling with extreme good grace. I’ve already written a piece on it, link here, and will be talking to Rod via a Q/A as part of the official blog tour later.

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But thats not all. No 1 is one thing, but what about the other 9? Talk about setting myself an impossible task. Look, here are just a ^few* that are under consideration. Perhaps I’ll have to have several lists. Or is that cheating? It’s cheating right? Back to the drawing board….










I seriously need help….


Happy Reading Folks!






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  1. crimeworm says:

    Well I am, as ever, behind you, but I’ve read four – The Dark Inside, finished it last night – WOW! – Snow Blind, The Domino Killer, and Burnt Paper Sky. Can’t argue with them. I’ve got to edit the BPS review but the rest are on crimeworm. Most of the rest are on the TBR – I’m a slow reader, as I must look for clues – do you?! Rod Reynolds is a twisted sneaky so-and-so! – and I’ve got a very lazy OH who I end up running about after as he’s a lazy sod (when he’s not working!) I’ve never known anyone to whizz through books as quickly as you Liz – I want tips when I see you!

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