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Ragdoll is out this week – more on that tomorrow – YAY but the lovely author Daniel Cole is also appearing at Aye Write – ticket info and book info to follow. Gordon of Grab This Book and I are getting to know a few of the appearing authors  so keep an eye out on his site too. Today it’s Daniel’s turn. Having received his answers I kind of love him. So if you can, get along to Aye Write in Glasgow and see his event. By the way the book is blinking brilliant!

Tell us a little about your current novel, what readers can expect from it…

It’s called Ragdoll and in the category of books about serial killers and dismembered body parts stitched together, I’d say it definitely falls into the more light-hearted and entertaining end of the spectrum. It certainly isn’t a straight police procedural. It’s larger than life escapism, it’s got a whole cast of great characters, a very cinematic feel, and lots and lots of dark humour.

Where did you grow up and what was family life like?

I grew up in Bournemouth and it was fine – thank you for asking.

Academic or creative at school?

Definitely not academic, so I’ll say creative… although I’m not entirely sure that fits either. I did manage to get through A-Level Music Technology without being able to read a note of music though, which is quite impressive in an incompetent sort of way, I suppose.

First job you *really* wanted to do?

I remember being so happy when I got accepted onto the Paramedic training course. I’d been working on and off in an investment bank (it took several attempts to escape). The whole shirt and tie office thing just wasn’t right for me so getting onto that course was my way out.

Do you remember the moment you first wanted to write?

I started off writing screenplays. I think that was due to becoming a little frustrated with my favourite television shows and believing that I could do a better job. The US series especially, tended to have a lot of ‘filler’ episodes when there are 22 or more in a season. …Still do.

The first screenplay I ever wrote faded in to reveal the imposing hallway of an investment bank. The main character watched his boss enter through the unnecessarily Hagrid-sized doors below before throwing himself down the main staircase – a painful and bloody; albeit well worth doing way of getting a day off (an only slightly embellished version of real life).

Who are your real life heroes?

My heroes are the frontmen of my two favourite bands: Max Bemis of Say Anything and Ace Enders of The Early November. I’d also add to the list a few of my very favourite screenwriter/directors such as Joss Whedon, Shane Black, Alex Garland and Martin McDonagh.

Funniest or most embarrassing situation you’ve found yourself in?

So many… Too many. Stand next to me for five minutes – ten at a push – and I guarantee I’ll say or do something stupid.

DIY expert or phone a friend?

I’m not sure my friends are any less useless than I am so… phone a stepdad.

Sun worshipper or night owl?

Both. And I live in Bournemouth next to the beach to make the most of the sun when/if it ever comes out.

A book that had you in tears.

I am far too tough and manly (some would say intimidatingly so) to cry at a book. If you were really determined – you could put one of the old episodes of Scrubs on where Dr Cox has a proper meltdown and smashes up a hospital room – that should do it.

A book that made you laugh out loud.

Both of the Alan Partridge books made me laugh a lot.

One piece of life advice you give everyone

Don’t listen to me.

Ok. I won’t. Thanks Daniel! 

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Come back tomorrow when I’m one of the victims on the Ragdoll Blog Tour and you can read my review.

About the book.

Six victims: one body

Controversial detective, Nathan Wolfe, has just been reinstated to the force after months of psychological assessment following accusations of assault. A veteran to the job, Wolfe thinks he’s seen it all, until his friend and former partner, Detective Emily Baxter, calls him to a crime scene and gleefully leads him to a career-defining cadaver: the dismembered parts of six victims stitched together like a puppet – a corpse that will become known in the press as the ‘ragdoll’. With six victims to identify, the stakes are raised when Wolfe’s ex-wife, reporter Andrea Hall, is anonymously sent photographs from the crime scene along with a list of six names… and the dates on which the ‘Ragdoll Killer’ intends to murder them.

The final name on the list is Wolfe’s.

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Happy Reading!

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