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Publication Date: 11th January from HQ

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On the night of a 40th birthday party, a woman is encouraged to jump from a bridge by a friend. Kate, Aubrey, and Jenny. They met at college and became inseparable, despite being as different as three women can be. Kate floats through life on family money and privilege; Jenny’s parents have taught her to hustle for every opportunity; and Aubrey, from the wrong side of the tracks, is determined to put a broken home behind her. Their friendship sees them through decades: boyfriends, weddings, affairs, divorces… until the night of the party.
How can three women love and hate each other so much? Can feelings this strong lead to murder?

It’s Always the Husband is a hybrid of domestic drama, family saga and a hint of psychological thriller featuring 3 friends all of whom are randomly horrible. Seriously. Each in their own way horribly entitled and whiny. Still they were utterly compelling.

This is a story about people getting exactly what is coming to them – I enjoyed it thoroughly on that level and was rather nastily gleeful when a certain death happened. I found it to be a page turner especially from the half way mark but in the end it’s ALWAYS the husband. Isn’t it?

Maybe not…you’ll have to read to find out……

The ebb and flow of female friendships is examined in this story with a genuine realism, even though most of our friendships don’t end in death you know, sometimes you feel they actually might. As we follow along with these 3, seeing the secret resentments and honest underneath of the surface smiles it is utterly gripping. I loved the past/present vibe as we discover what happened then and it seeps into what is happening now – the strength in this story comes from the multi-layered characters, their deeper emotional core and the life influences that define who these women are.

The mystery element is clever, but for me not the heart of this – the dynamics of friendship is the main theme and it is beautifully done. The end did make me raise an eyebrow however so that deserves points – an intelligent resolution always being a huge plus.

Overall “It’s Always The Husband” was an intriguing, addictive read with plenty of divisive personalities within the pages to get the reading blood up.


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