Review catch up. The Nowhere Child Christian White.

A child was stolen twenty years ago
Little Sammy Went vanishes from her home in Manson, Kentucky – an event that devastates her family and tears apart the town’s deeply religious community.

And somehow that missing girl is you
Kim Leamy, an Australian photographer, is approached by a stranger who turns her world upside down – he claims she is the kidnapped Sammy and that everything she knows about herself is based on a lie.

How far will you go to uncover the truth?
In search of answers, Kim returns to the remote town of Sammy’s childhood to face up to the ghosts of her early life. But the deeper she digs into her family background the more secrets she uncovers… and the closer she gets to confronting the trauma of her dark and twisted past.

A while ago I had a binge reading couple of weeks where every book I picked up engaged me and sent me hurtling into the next, leaving me with a huge backlog of reviews I’m only just getting to…

The Nowhere Child was one of these, another brilliant piece of Australian crime fiction, a read in one sitting page turner of the highest quality.

Imagine discovering you are not who you think you are…that those closest to you have told you lies for your entire life. This is the journey of discovery facing our main protagonist Kim as she searches for truth and family.

Christian White writes beautifully, getting the emotional layers across whilst still delivering a twisty mystery that will engage and intrigue. You will follow Kim and those around her avidly, drinking in every detail until the final truth is revealed and it is a story with a ripped from the headlines feel that will stay with you.

Overall a really great book. I’m loving the Aussie Noir, am hoping to read a lot more of it in 2019.


You can purchase The Nowhere Child (Harper Collins) Here.

Happy Reading!

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