Liz Currently Loves…..The Dead Tracks by Tim Weaver.

  So, having loved “Chasing the Dead” the first in the David Raker series from Tim Weaver I started in on The Dead Tracks with a great sense of anticipation. I wasnt even anywhere near that place called disappointed. Weaver is actually an excellent surname for this particular author –… Continue reading

Liz Currently Loves……The Killing Game by Jack Kerley

The latest Carson Ryder novel from Jack Kerley was one I had been looking forward to and wow, what a great addition to this series (Start with “The Hundredth Man if you are only just starting). In this instalment, Carson ends up embroiled with a killer who apparently kills randomly… Continue reading

If you live here…you MUST be a reader it seems.

So, more ponderings from me this morning on life, the universe, everything and of course books! Anyone that has been following these meanderings of mine will know that my life has changed recently in a huge way. Now a few weeks have passed we, in our house, are very much… Continue reading

Liz Currently Loves…..The Unquiet Grave by Steven Dunne.

  So. Another in the series featuring DI Damen Brook, I have been looking forward to this one and it didnt disappoint. DI Brook, back from his latest “leave” is stuck investigating Cold cases – a job he neither wants nor is particularly interested in. Determined to toe the line… Continue reading

Liz Currently Loves……What Lots Wife Saw by Ioanna Bourazopoulou

  OUT NOW!   Well. What can I say. Having just finished this sprawling wonderful expanse of a novel, peppered with the most unlikely characters you will ever have the joy to encounter, and set in a future where the world we know has changed in indescribable ways, I am… Continue reading